More fitness and sports outdoors in fresh air.

Would you like to redesign your green area, laying it out more beautiful and meaningful? Would you like to make people happy and to take care of people`s health? In this case we are the perfect partner for you.

These stable outdoor fitness devices made of stainless steel are suitable not only for active sportsmen but also for young people and senior citizens who enjoy doing exercise.


Arm pulling trainer

Leg fitness trainer

Flexibility trainer

Body trainer

Balance trainer

Press up trainer

Massage trainer

Massage trainer back

senSOR terra

senSOR flux flat

senSOR flux high

SOR Shoulder trainer

SOR Back trainer standing single station

SOR Back trainer sitting single station

SOR Hip trainer single station

SOR Back trainer standing double station

SOR Back trainer sitting double station

SOR Hiptrainer double station

SOR Back trainer standing & sitting 

SOR Back trainer standing & Hip trainer

SOR Back trainer sitting & Hip trainer

Jump trainer

Jump bar




We would like to encourgae people to go outside and practice with our specially developed devices and enjoy doing exercise. 

Thus, circulation is easily being strenghtened and muscles are being moved and loosened up.