convincing arguments for our mobility devices::

  • Demographic changes in society: The proportion of elderly people is increasing
  • changes in society: The elderly are increasingly active
  • Increased health and physical awareness
  • Independence in terms of time (individuality)
  • Activity and time spent outdoors has a positive impact on well-being

senSOR terra

senSOR flux flat

senSOR flux high


SOR Shoulder trainer

SOR Back trainer standing single station

SOR Back trainer sitting single station

SOR Hip trainer single station

SOR Back trainer standing double station

SOR Back trainer sitting double station

SOR Hip trainer double station

SOR Back trainer standing & sitting

SOR Back trainer standing & Hip trainer

SOR Back trainer sitting & Hiptrainer




Active and vital.

We encourage people to exercise in the fresh air, to increase their agility using our specially developed equipment and to experience the joy of movement.

In a fun way you will be strengthening your cardio-vascular system and moving and loosening your muscles.

Inspire people.
More fitness and movement outdoors.

Do your outdoor spaces need a makeover? Would you like to improve their design and enhance their appeal? And promote people`s health and happiness at the same time? Then we are the right partner for you. Our stable, stainless steel mobility equipment is not just for older people: it is suitable for all ages who want to have fun exercising.



  • are homes and sheltered houses
  • Rehab clinics and spa facilities
  • Residental areas and private homes
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Fitness courses and sports centres
  • Hotels and camp sites
  • Swimming pools and lidos
  • Clubs and associations